Meet the team!


Dmitrii Senex Krasnov

Art Director and The Founder. Advanced poi and advanced staff instructor

Dmitrii came to Estonia in 2011 and already in 2012 the school got its name.

Favourite prop: staff

Other props: poi, fans, double staff, dragonstaff, whip


Alisa Armsid

Financial director. Fans and beginner poi instructor

Alisa started flow arts in 2015 with staff and poi exploration. From winter semester of 2017 she took a position of beginner poi instructor and in autumn 2017 she ran her first fans course.

Favourite prop: hard to choose

Other props: staff, fans, poi, dragonstaff, leviwand   


Annar Hiid

Whip instructor

Annar started his flow arts journey in 2016. From 2017 he is teaching whip tech

Favourite prop: whip

Other props: torches, staff, poi


Margus Niitsoo

Double staff, dragon staff and beginner staff instructor

Margus started his flow arts long-long time ago, but joined the school in 2015. Since then he was teaching double staff and dragon staff courses

Favourite prop: double staffs

Other props: staff, dragonstaff


Adel Tiisler

Beginner staff instructor

Adel joined the school in 2015. Starting 2018 she is teaching staff for beginners.

Favourite prop: staff

Other props: poi, dragonstaff