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Beginner fire arts course:

- Beginner poi

- Beginner staff

Base props course:

- Continuing poi

- Continuing staff

Fans course:

- Beginner level

- Intermediate level

- Stars and isolations

Beginner flow arts course

The course was developed specially for those who are new in the world on flow arts. It includes once a week poi training and once a week staff training as well as fire safety course and optional fire sessions.

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Props specialization courses

If you are interested in other props or techniques, specialised courses are made just for you. Our best instructors invite you to explore the world of flow arts with them during 8-week prop courses.

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Autumn 2019:

Fans: stars and isolations

Poi: extra beat

Poi: partner

Beginner whip

Contact staff

Double staff

Spring  2019:

Beginner fans course:

Beginner dragonstaff course:

Body development courses

The course includes 3 separate trainings: 

1. Physical development of a flow artist (PDFA)

2. Floor work and basic acrobatics (acro)

3. Steps and leg movement

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Practice hour

Would like to train more but your ceiling lamp is just too fragile? Come to the hall and drill your tricks in a nice and supporting atmosphere! Our instructors are always there to help if you have any questions.

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