Body development course

The course includes 3 separate trainings: 

1. Physical development of a flow artist (PDFA)

2. Floor work and basic acrobatics (acro)

3. Steps and leg movement

Physical development of a flow artist (PDFA)

What will you learn?
During this course, you will learn basic anatomy and body mechanics, practical exercises for joints, ligaments and muscles strengthening together with coordination exercises and stretching. You will get personal recommendations for your body development and learn how to prevent any damage to your body while training with any prop of your choice.

Why do you needed it?
Most of the flow art activities involve different body movements, hands and legs coordination. Overwhelming majority of tricks (especially with poi, staff and fans) require high joints mobility, ligament elasticity and stretched muscles. On the other hand, over-mobility and over-stretching are sometimes the reasons of incorrect trick performance and pain. Long-term incorrect spine and legs position during the tricks learning could lead to uncomfortable feelings in joins and ligaments and pain in the backbone. The stretching of ligaments and muscles in the absence of strengthening exercises leads to more joints problems in the future. Without appropriate warm-up and exercises, old traumas could emerge again, leading to body pain or even damage. This course will give you the knowledge and practical exercises for harmonic body and spinning skills development.